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Complete Guide to videos of FFX

[[ETA: Update 2008: Blue Lagunas FFX FMVs archive includes higher-resolution .avis of all cutscenes]]

I'm not quite comfortable with copyright trespass of this magnitude, and yet, if you already paid for FFX and own it, I don't have many objections to downloading it in a different format. Someone has gone through and sucked up all the dialogues and conversations, not just the FMVs.

The footage is available on
vg_footage. (Search for ffx tag) The files are HUGE. I have gone through and made notes on what happens when. At first I was just hunting for good Auron and Lulu scenes, and skipped over Tidus stuff that didn't interest me. Later on I started keeping track of all of it.

Zanarkand and arrival in Spira. (File 1)

ffx_0001.avi 0:07:30 opening FMV: Blitzball game, Sin attacks.
ffx_0001.avi 0:08:10 FMV, Auron's first appearance.
ffx_0001.avi 0:10:25 After stadium collapses. "Auron! What are you doing here?" "I was waiting for you."
ffx_0001.avi 0:12:00 Auron leading Tidus, brief FMV: "We called it Sin." Tidus' first battle.
ffx_0001.avi 0:20:30 FMV, Auron letting Sin suck them into Spira. "This is your story."
ffx_0001.avi 0:34:45 Arrival of Rikku and Al Bhed.
ffx_0001.avi 0:39:00 On Al Bhed ship.
ffx_0001.avi 0:49:00 Back on deck after salvage operation. Conversation with Rikku.

Besaid (File 2)

ffx_0002.avi 0:00:30 Meeting Wakka and Aurochs on beach.
ffx_0002.avi 0:13:00 First encounter with Luzzu and Gatta.
ffx_0002.avi 0:15:30 Crusaders' Lodge. Luzzu and Gatta explain stuff.
ffx_0002.avi 0:18:30 Tidus visits temple of Besaid.
ffx_0002.avi 0:21:00 Flashback/dream to Tidus' mom.
ffx_0002.avi 0:23:00 Tidus barges into Cloister of Trials.
ffx_0002.avi 0:28:00 Encounter Lulu and Kimahri outside of Chamber of Fayth.
ffx_0002.avi 0:29:00 FMV, meeting Yuna.
ffx_0002.avi 0:31:00 Yuna demonstrates Summoning Valefor.
ffx_0002.avi 0:34:00 First convo between Yuna and Tidus.
ffx_0002.avi 0:38:00 FMV, Lulu bawling out Wakka by the campfire. "You shouldn't have brought him here in the first place!"
ffx_0002.avi 0:41:00 Leaving Besaid. Lulu: "That's the sword you gave Chappu." // "You really don't need all that luggage."
ffx_0002.avi 0:43:30 Combat tutorial about Black Magic. "Clueless, aren't you. Good thing I'm here."
ffx_0002.avi 0:44:30 Farewell to Besaid."Take your time."
ffx_0002.avi 0:46:10 Kimahri attacks Tidus.

Voyage to Kilika (File 3)

ffx_0003.avi 0:01:40 Explaining the trip aboard ship, Lu being sarcastic. "Great plan."
ffx_0003.avi 0:02:40 Lulu: "Wakka's a bit lacking in the imagination department."
ffx_0003.avi 0:05:25 Lulu: "I don't know who you are, or where you came from."
ffx_0003.avi 0:09:30 Sin attacks ship.
ffx_0003.avi 0:20:10 FMV: Sin attacking Kilika.
ffx_0003.avi 0:24:30 On docks of Kilika, Lulu explains to Tidus about Sending. "You truly are clueless."
ffx_0003.avi 0:26:00 FMV: Yuna dancing and Sending the dead.
ffx_0003.avi 0:28:10 Lulu, after Sending: "All we can do is protect her along the way." // "No tears next time, hm?"
ffx_0003.avi 0:31:45 Conversation in forest about Tidus. Lulu: "Yuna's saying she wants you with us."
Image hosting by Photobucket
ffx_0003.avi 0:45:30 Lulu yells at Wakka on steps for thinking Chappu could come back. "It's pointless to think about it, and sad."
ffx_0003.avi 0:49:30 Encounter Dona and Barthello.
ffx_0003.avi 0:51:50 In the temple, Tidus left outside the Cloister of Trials. "You're not a Guardian yet."
ffx_0003.avi 0:57:40 Tidus rejoins party outside Chamber of Fayth. "Yuna will be the one to suffer the consequences!" Lulu explains about the Fayth.

Luca (file 4)

ffx_0004.avi 0:00:40 Back on the ship, Lulu and Wakka slip away for a private convo.
ffx_0004.avi 0:04:00 Lulu/Wakka have long conversation about Tidus on upper deck.
ffx_0004.avi 0:07:00 Jecht Shot mini-game.
ffx_0004.avi 0:13:20 FMV, arriving in Luca.
ffx_0004.avi 0:18:00 Arrival of Mika and Seymour.
ffx_0004.avi 0:29:00 Tidus and Kimahri in the bar, meet Biran and Yenke.
ffx_0004.avi 0:32:40 Luca. Lulu comes looking for Tidus after Yuna's kidnapped by Al Bhed. "Where in Spira have you been?"
ffx_0004.avi 0:39:25 Luca, passing a TV monitor and noticing the game. Lulu: "He won't last."
ffx_0004.avi 0:40:00 Luca; Kimahri, Lulu, and Tidus reach Al Bhed ship, fight ball machine.
ffx_0004.avi 0:43:00 Reunited with Yuna. Lulu: "I hope you hurt them."
ffx_0004.avi 0:46:00 Watching game on monitor again. "Not the most graceful win." // "You don't want to finish that sentence."
ffx_0004.avi 0:49:55 Lulu catching Wakka when he passes out in the locker room.
ffx_0004.avi 0:51:10 Auron enters Luca stadium. Announcer: "This looks like history in the making." Game starts.
ffx_0004.avi 1:10:25 FMV, Legendary Hero Returns.
ffx_0004.avi 1:15:35 After battle, Yuna, Wakka, Lulu discussing what happened at stadium.

Mi'hen Highroad (File 5)

ffx_0005.avi 0:00:00 Auron and Tidus reunited, long conversation on dock. "Sin is Jecht."
ffx_0005.avi 0:05:20 Auron offers his services to Yuna outside Luca.
ffx_0005.avi 0:15:50 On the road, Tidus wants to hunt the chocobo eater. "It's the right thing to do." Auron laughs at him.
ffx_0005.avi 0:30:00 Arrive at Rin's Travel Agency.
ffx_0005.avi 0:36:00 Sunset sequence, Auron butts in on Yuna and Tidus to shoo Yuna to bed.
ffx_0005.avi 0:37:30 Next morning, Auron calls Tidus outside to fight the chocobo eater.

ffx_0005_extra.avi Auron gives Tidus a hard time for fighting the chocobo eater if they lose.

Operation Mi'hen (File 6)

ffx_0006.avi 0:01:10 First meeting with Seymour at gate to Mushroom Rock Road. S. asks where Auron's been for ten years. "I've got nothing to say about it."
ffx_0006.avi 0:11:00 Mushroom Rock Road, Luzzu, Wakka, and Lulu talk about Chappu. Wakka punches Luzzu. Notice who's standing by Lu.
Image hosting by Photobucket
ffx_0006.avi 0:15:30 Lulu explains why Wakka hates Al Bhed (Chappu using machina).
ffx_0006.avi 0:18:25 Auron tells Gatta about learning to follow orders.
ffx_0006.avi 0:19:00 Command center: Auron and Kinoc catch up with each other.
ffx_0006.avi 0:30:30 FMVs: Sin arrives.
ffx_0006.avi 0:32:00 Yuna, Seymour, and Auron fight boss.
ffx_0006.avi 0:41:50 FMV of Al Bhed gun getting destroyed by Sin.
ffx_0006.avi 0:44:30 Tidus finds Gatta on beach, turns and chases after Sin. (FMV of Sin leaving.)
ffx_0006.avi 0:47:30 Flashback: Tidus as a boy pleading with Jecht to stop drinking.
ffx_0006.avi 0:49:30 Auron finds Tidus after the battle. "I see you're still here." Small convo with Kinoc. "Satisfied?"
ffx_0006.avi 0:52:00 Auron explains to Tidus about Sin. "He wants you to stop him."

Djose and Moonflow (File 7)

ffx_0007.avi 0:03:20 On road to Djose, Auron stops Tidus and tells him not to tell Yuna about Sin. "Hey, new guy."
ffx_0007.avi 0:05:40 Arrival at Djose temple. Convo with Luzzu about Gatta's death.
ffx_0007.avi 0:17:50 reach chamber of fayth, Dona shows up, Barthello shakes Auron's hand. Lulu: "And you call yourself a Summoner?"
ffx_0007.avi 0:23:00 Auron: "Once Lady Yuna fixes her hair, we'll leave." Everyone teasing the Summoner.
ffx_0007.avi 0:35:30 pyreflies over the Moonflow.
ffx_0007.avi 0:44:00 Shoopuf ride. Discussing Machina war, Yuna kidnapped.
ffx_0007.avi 0:54:00 Rikku arrives.

ffx_0007_extra.avi Alternate sequences if Luzzu dies and Gatta lives.

Guadosalam, Thunder plains (File 8)

ffx_0008.avi 0:05:00 In Maester Seymour's manor. Lulu explains about Lord Jyscal.
ffx_0008.avi 0:06:20 Auron on Maesters. "Those with power, use that power."
ffx_0008.avi 0:06:50 Lulu explaining things again. Good close-up.
ffx_0008.avi 0:09:50 FMV: Seymour shows off Zanarkand-sphere. Proposes.
ffx_0008.avi 0:14:00 Auron growls at Seymour after his proposal. "Spira is no playhouse."
ffx_0008.avi 0:18:50 Entering the Farplane. Auron won't go in.
ffx_0008.avi 0:22:20 Lulu facing Chappu on Farplane.
ffx_0008.avi 0:27:45 Lord Jyscal emerges from Farplane, Auron in pain from Sending.
ffx_0008.avi 0:29:50 Long convo between Tidus and Lulu about love and marriage.
ffx_0008.avi 0:45:00 In Travel Agency on Thunder Plains, Rin and Auron bump into each other. Rin alludes to their last encounter.
ffx_0008.avi 0:53:00 Yuna calls Guardians together on Thunder Plain to tell them she's marrying. (Lulu starts to figure out what Yuna's up to.)
ffx_0008.avi 0:58:00 Arrive in Macalania woods. Auron takes Tidus aside to discuss Yuna for a moment.

ffx_0008_extra2.avi Lulu returns to the Farplane looking for Lady Ginnem.

Macalania (file 9)

ffx_0009.avi 0:04:10 Auron tells Barthello to calm down after Dona vanishes. "Guard your emotions, then guard your Summoner."
ffx_0009.avi 0:08:30 Auron takes Tidus to find first Jecht sphere.
ffx_0009.avi 0:13:30 Viewing 1st Jecht sphere.
ffx_0009.avi 0:18:20 Auron stops Tidus privately afterwards to tell him "Jecht loved you."
ffx_0009.avi 0:30:00 After Al Bhed attack, Rikku reveals she's Al Bhed, Wakka flips.
fffx_0009.avi 0:31:20 Auron hops a snowmobile. Lulu snowmobile scene follows.
fffx_0009.avi 0:38:00 Lord Jyscal's sphere. Auron's not optimistic about Yuna's chances.
fffx_0009.avi 0:40:30 Auron to Wakka: "We will protect Yuna from anyone, even a Maester..." // Lulu "If he is truly at fault, it must be done."
fffx_0009.avi 0:41:00 Showdown with Seymour.
fffx_0009.avi 1:00:00 Auron: "RUN!" Fleeing temple.
fffx_0009.avi 1:08:30 Under the lake ice. Lulu being collected. Auron being crusty.

ffx_0009_extra1.avi Rikku on snowmobile
ffx_0009_extra2.avi Auron on snowmobile
ffx_0009_extra3.avi Kimahri on snowmobile

Bikanel Island (File 10)

ffx_0010.avi 0:01:30 Tidus fighting alone in desert, Auron shows up to save his butt, Lulu arrives soon after.
ffx_0010.avi 0:02:30 fight's over, Auron and Lulu regroup with Tidus.
ffx_0010.avi 0:15:00 arrival at Home. (most of these battles are played out)
ffx_0010.avi 0:22:30 Wakka comforts Rikku about Home being lost.
ffx_0010.avi 0:25:15 Lulu asks Rikku what the Summoners Sanctum is. Dramatic angst on the staircase.
ffx_0010.avi 0:27:30 In the Summoners Sanctum. Tidus' head explodes.
ffx_0010.avi 0:36:00 Airship takes off.
ffx_0010.avi 0:40:00 Destroying Home.
ffx_0010.avi 0:48:00 Auron and Cid argue about Yuna's pilgrimage.
ffx_0010.avi 0:54:00 Evrae appears. "The red carpet has teeth." // "The ferryman asks a high price."

Bevelle (File 11)

ffx_0011.avi 0:06:30 Reach stairs below Yuna and Seymour, held at gunpoint.
ffx_0011.avi 0:08:50 Seymour's icky kiss.
ffx_0011.avi 0:11:30 Yuna: "Believe. I can fly." FMV
ffx_0011.avi 0:13:00 Reach temple. Lulu: "It's too quiet. A trap."
ffx_0011.avi 0:24:30 reunited with Yuna in Temple after Trials
ffx_0011.avi 0:25:50 Auron in Chamber of the Fayth: "The dead should be allowed to rest."
ffx_0011.avi 0:27:20 Trial of Yuna
ffx_0011.avi 0:33:50 Kinoc/Auron before Via Purifico. "What person would execute a dear friend?" "You would."
ffx_0011.avi 0:38:00 Finding Lulu in Via Purifico
ffx_0011.avi 0:40:30 Finding Auron in Via Purifico
ffx_0011.avi 0:48:00 Isaaru defeated
ffx_0011.avi 0:52:30 Party reunited, run-in with Seymour, Kinoc's murder

Calm Lands (File 12)

ffx_0012.avi 0:2:20 Yuna and Tidus at lake
ffx_0012.avi 0:8:40 Suteki da Ne FMV
ffx_0012.avi 0:15:30 Arrival at the edge of the Calm Lands
ffx_0012.avi 0:17:40 Maechen tells about Calm Lands
ffx_0012.avi 0:19:50 Rin's Travelling Agency
ffx_0012.avi 0:21:30 Travel Agency, Father Zuke (note: half a year ago was Zuke's pilgrimage)
ffx_0012.avi 0:26:00 Tidus and Yuna imitating Auron
ffx_0012.avi 0:28:40 sightseeing: peering into the gorge with Svandia
ffx_0012.avi 0:32:00 reach far side of Calm Lands, boss battle with Guado machina
ffx_0012.avi 0:37:00 arriving at Cavern of Fayth
ffx_0012.avi 0:39:30 Explanation of Stolen Fayth's backstory
ffx_0012.avi 0:42:25 Arrive at Yojimbo's sanctuary/Lady Ginnem
ffx_0012.avi 0:45:25 Aftermath of Yojimbo/Ginnem fight
ffx_0012.avi 0:49:20 Leaving the Calm Lands

Mt. Gagazet (File 13)

ffx_.0013.avi 0:00:30 Negotiations with Ronso, Maester Kelk
ffx_.0013.avi 0:02:00 Lulu and Auron intervene with a few reasoned words
ffx_.0013.avi 0:06:44 Biran and Yenke fight Kimahri
ffx_.0013.avi 0:12:00 Ronso promise to make Yuna's statue
ffx_.0013.avi 0:13:00 Ronso sing Hymn of the Fayth
ffx_.0013.avi 0:14:40 paying respects to dead Summoners/Guardians
ffx_.0013.avi 0:15:20 Braska's sphere to Yuna
ffx_.0013.avi 0:17:00 Lulu talks a bit more about dead Summoners/Guardians
ffx_.0013.avi 0:18:00 Wans, the brother of O'aka
ffx_.0013.avi 0:20:00 Tidus and Rikku talking. Rikku: "hey, just now, you sounded like a leader." Then Seymour shows up. Tidus sends Rikku ahead to fetch everyone.
ffx_.0013.avi 0:30:00 defeat Seymour. Yuna, quoting: "If he becomes Sin, Jecht will be free." Auron: "Lies." Yuna yells at Auron for hiding something. Tidus breaks down and explains about Jecht.
ffx_.0013.avi 0:32:47 Reach Wall of the Fayth. Tidus goes into dream-Zanarkand.
ffx_.0013.avi 0:41:00 Enter cave in Gagazet
ffx_.0013.avi 0:48:00 Auron tells Yuna that Yunalesca's waiting for them
ffx_.0013.avi 0:49:00 Sanctuary Guardian battle
ffx_.0013.avi 0:57:00 Defeat boss. Rikku worried about Yuna. Auron, Tidus, and Wakka talk about Auron's last pilgrimage. "Legendary Guardian? I was just a boy. I thought I could change the world. But I changed nothing. That is my story."

Zanarkand (File 14)

begins with Zanarkand overlook FMV. "A city dead for a thousand years."
ffx_0014.avi 00:03:00 Yuna's sphere
ffx_0014.avi 0:10:20 repeat of opening sequence in Zanarkand ruins ("This... may be our last chance.")
ffx_0014.avi 0:14:30 Wakka: "Looks like the Farplane." Auron: "Close enough."
ffx_0014.avi 0:15:30 reach front entrance to Dome and the gatekeeper.
ffx_0014.avi 0:16:20 Flashback: Lady Yocun's Guardian
ffx_0014.avi 0:17:50 Flashback: young Seymour
ffx_0014.avi 0:18:30 Flashback: Braska, Auron, and Jecht. Auron says he can't accept Braska's sacrifice.
ffx_0014.avi 0:37:20 After boss battle, Yuna takes elevator down to Hall of the Final Summoning.
ffx_0014.avi 0:39:00 Tidus to Auron, after they find empty Fayth statue: "Auron, you knew this was going to happen, didn't you?"
ffx_0014.avi 0:40:00 Meeting Lady Yunalesca.
ffx_0014.avi 0:41:40 Flashback: Braska entering Chamber of Final Summoning, Jecht choosing to become Final Aeon, Auron pleading with them.
ffx_0014.avi 0:44:30 Auron loses it on his own ghost.
ffx_0014.avi 0:44:50 Lulu volunteers to be Final Aeon.
ffx_0014.avi 0:47:00 Second conversation with Lady Yunalesca.
ffx_0014.avi 0:48:40 Flashback: Auron tries to kill Yunalesca.
ffx_0014.avi 0:51:30 Auron: "Now! This is it. Now is the time to choose."
ffx_0014.avi 1:03:30 Defeat Yunalesca.
ffx_0014.avi 1:05:20 Auron takes Tidus aside and shows him his memories. "Don't make that face. Being dead has its advantages."
ffx_0014.avi 1:09:00 Leaving Zanarkand Dome. Sin waiting, airship arrives.

Side Quests 1 (File 15a)

ffx_0015a.avi 0:00:00 Return to Zanarkand dome to get Magistral Rod
ffx_0015a.avi 0:03:30 Baaj Temple to get Anima
ffx_0015a.avi 0:08:30 Seymour's mother
ffx_0015a.avi 0:13:30 Return to Calm Lands and Remium Temple, to fight with Belgemene. Includes all Aeons.
ffx_0015a.avi 0:32:00 Farewell to Belgemene.
ffx_0015a.avi 0:33:00 Omega Ruins
ffx_0015a.avi 0:42:50 Boss fight with Omega. Auron: "It seems we rate his personal attention now."
ffx_0015a.avi 0:46:50 Auron: "Find your peace on the Farplane. Leave Spira to the living."

Side Quests 2 (File 15b)

ffx_0015b.avi 0:00:00 Besaid Island, catching up with Luzzu. Tidus refuses to pray.
ffx_0015b.avi 0:01:20 SS Winno, catching up with Clasko.
ffx_0015b.avi 0:02:30 Luca, Sphere theater, catching up with O'aka.
ffx_0015b.avi 0:03:45 Djose Temple, catching up with Dona and Barthello.
ffx_0015b.avi 0:04:30 Bevelle, Catching up with Maroda and Pacce, brothers of Isaaru the Summoner.
ffx_0015b.avi 0:05:20 Return to Guadosalam. Confrontation with Tromell. Guado all in mourning.
ffx_0015b.avi 0:08:25 Lulu talking to Lady Ginnem on the Farplane.
ffx_0015b.avi0:09:25 Ronso village. Maechen tells a lot of the backstory of the Machina War, Sin, the Hymn of the Fayth, Summoner Yevon.

ffx_0015b.avi 0:13:25 Speaking to Fayth of Valefor.
ffx_0015b.avi 0:14:15 Speaking to Fayth of Ifrit. (tells about how Jecht met Sin)
ffx_0015b.avi 0:15:00 Speaking to Fayth of Ixion. "Come, and we'll run to the dream's end."
ffx_0015b.avi 0:16:00 Speaking to Fayth of Shiva. "Should the dreaming end, you, too will disappear." "Let us summon a new sea for you to swim." -- hints of X-2 plot
ffx_0015b.avi 0:17:00 Speaking to Fayth of Yojimbo. "You are a fading dream, but one touched by reality. Spira will not forget its reality, or the one who saved it."
ffx_0015b.avi 0:17:50 Speaking to Fayth of Magus Sisters.

ffx_0015b.avi 0:20:00 Remien Temple chocobo race.
ffx_0015b.avi 0:23:30 visiting family in Macalania woods to get Celestial Mirror.
ffx_0015b.avi 0:26:00 getting weapons.
ffx_0015b.avi 0:27:00 getting Auron's weapon.
ffx_0015b.avi 0:27:30 Chocobo training.
ffx_0015b.avi 0:33:00 Getting Tidus' weapon.
ffx_0015b.avi 0:33:40: Butterfly hunt, AUGH.
ffx_0015b.avi 0:36:40 Getting Kimahri's weapon.
ffx_0015b.avi 0:39:00 Getting Lulu's weapon.
ffx_0015b.avi 0:40:00 Cactuar hunt. (including one on airship)
ffx_0015b.avi 0:44:30 Entry to Cactuar village, getting Godhand.
ffx_0015b.avi 0:45:30 activating all weapons.

Sin (file 16)

ffx_0016.avi 0:00:00 Assemble on bridge just after leaving Zanarkand for the first time. Cid pans across the party, including...
Image hosting by Photobucket
(Dramatic silences between Cid and Yuna. Party discusses how to defeat Jecht)
ffx_0016.avi 0:04:30 Yuna, Tidus and Kimahri brainstorm
ffx_0016.avi 0:06:40 Wakka, Lulu, and Rikku present their plan
ffx_0016.avi 0:09:00 Bevelle, meeting with Shelinda, Mika.
ffx_0016.avi 0:10:00 Auron, on hearing Shelinda is captain of the guard: "Short on believers?"
ffx_0016.avi 0:11:30 meeting with Mika. "Who's Yu Yevon?"
ffx_0016.avi 0:14:30 meeting with Bahumut's Fayth, discussing how Yu Yevon works.
ffx_0016.avi 0:18:20 Yuna gives Tidus a hard time about being a bad liar.
ffx_0016.avi 0:20:00 Preparing to fight Sin. Wakka apologizes to Cid.
ffx_0016.avi 0:22:30 Ship singing.
ffx_0016.avi 0:23:00 Sin appears, and attack commences.
ffx_0016.avi 0:28:00 FMV of Sin doing really psychedelic stuff.
ffx_0016.avi 0:39:30 battle with Sin.
ffx_0016.avi 0:38:00 FMV: shooting arm off Sin.
ffx_0016.avi 0:39:00 jumping off ship onto Sin.
ffx_0016.avi 0:43:10 FMV: Sin crashing outside Bevelle.
ffx_0016.avi 0:46:00 Meeting Rin in corridor, he tells about Yuna's mother and Lord Braska.
ffx_0016.avi 0:47:45 Tidus and Yuna have talk on top of ship, and Yuna figures out how to deal with Yu Yevon.
ffx_0016.avi 0:49:40 FMV: Sin rising.
ffx_0016.avi 0:51:50 FMV: face-off with Sin. Battle.
ffx_0016.avi 0:55:00 FMV: Entering Sin.
ffx_0016.avi 0:56:20 Disembarking airship and heading in.
ffx_0016.avi 0:58:00 Last confrontation with Seymour.
ffx_0016.avi 1:06:00 Sending Seymour.

Yu Yevon (File 17)

ffx_0017.avi 0:00:00 City of the Dead.
ffx_0017.avi 0:02:00 Annoying Crystal mini-game.
ffx_0017.avi 0:05:25 Arriving in Dream-Zanarkand, meeting Jecht.
ffx_0017.avi 0:09:00 Jecht becomes Aeon.
ffx_0017.avi 0:24:30 Jecht defeated.
ffx_0017.avi 0:27:20 Arrival of Yu Yevon.
ffx_0017.avi 0:42:30 Last Aeon defeated. Tidus says goodbye, then they fight Yu Yevon.
ffx_0017.avi 0:49:00 Defeat Yu Yevon. Scene on Besaid Island.
ffx_0017.avi 0:51:00 Fayth disappearing.
ffx_0017.avi 0:52:45 Auron's Sending
ffx_0017.avi 0:54:45 FMV: Back atop airship, farewell to Aeons and Tidus.
ffx_0017.avi 0:59:00 Yuna back in Luca, speech at stadium.
ffx_0017.avi 1:00:00 Closing credits.
ffx_0017.avi 1:08:00 Glimpse of Tidus.

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