Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Some folks are going to be lucky enough...

... to get art commissioned from justira for the help_haiti auction!

*hopping up and down*

Justira's art is GOoooood. And has been getting even better, thanks to her posting one art every day for over a year now.

Reminder: my own humble means of helping Haiti is this article on Haitian Vodou which earns $ for the "Hope for Haiti" charity. Each visit helps boost the page's rank, and montly earnings (alas, only a few dollars unless it's one of the top 2000) are paid according to rank. 4% Amazon commissions come to it from any purchases made after clicking the Amazon links on that page. (This lasts about a day, or stops when you click on another Amazon associate's link to navigate to Amazon. I assume you need cookies enabled for that to work.).

Note that anyone can make an article on almost anything on Squidoo and set it to the "Hope for Haiti" charity (or any charity on Squidoo's list, vetted to make sure they are legal nonprofits.) Posting creative work or photos counts too, although if no one visits the page or clicks on links, it may not earn anything.  (Here's how I write webpages that target Google searches, such as, say, "Haiti voodoo".)

My article will remain up permanently, so while it may only earn $5-20 a month, it will continue to do so unless that charity severs its partnership with Squidoo. Which it probably won't, as I think over 100 pages have been built in the last to benefit that charity. Between all of us, I'm hoping we'll be bringing in over $500 a month!

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