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PSA: Visit my Squidoo page, earn a few pennies for Haiti relief

Apologies for Cross-post on Flist.

Squidoo pays its members to build webpages that attract visitors and affiliate sales.

Squidoo also lets us set pages to donate our earnings to charities that have applied to Squidoo and proved they're honest-to-gosh nonprofits.

Hope For Haiti is a registered Squidoo charity and is well-rated.

Therefore I wrote this article:

What Is Haitian Vodou?

set to donate its earnings to Hope For Haiti.

Please visit. Visits increase the page's advertising commission (hence the ugly banner and sidebar ads). And if you happen to be planning to purchase something on Amazon, use one of that page's Amazon links, and Amazon will send the page 4% of the sale price as a commission. (It counts if you buy a different product than the books I featured.)

My article won't earn much -- my Squidoo pages earn an average of $2 a month, though my top-traffic pages get $20 a month. However, hundreds of Squidoo members are setting up Hope for Haiti pages, so hopefully it'll add up to something useful.
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