Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Reasons I love Elma

Remember that nasty Chocobo Eater boss battle in which the big ugly tries to push your party off the cliff? I usually win it.

But if you lose and go back to the Agency, Elma's there on patrol. She says in her most chipper Utena voice, "Hi! I took care of that fiend for you!"

DUDE. Like, the fiend that can knock the ENTIRE PARTY off the cliff!? Which would make short work of Auron were he alone? Which DID make short work of Auron, Jecht and Braska back in the day?

Apparently Elma has Tifa-like badassitude under those pink rosy cheeks and puppy-dog disposition.

Also, if you keep poking Elma, she'll eventually break out of professional mode and start whispering things like, "Don't tell anyone, but this is a really boring job," or "Do you think Lucil is noticing my efforts?"  [awwww]

Why, yes, I'm having another go at FFX to drown my sorrows after a Dodgers loss. And I must say getting a cheap, used back-compatible PS3 so I'd have blue ray and stuff to go with my shiny new TV is making  old games look brand new. I had a crappy CRT which was so fuzzy I couldn't see characters' faces in regular in-game mode, but the old PS2 was having some issues with the new TV. Now the graphics junkie in me is happy.
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