Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Dear Sinuses

I didn't need to spend a third winter in a row suffering from a several-month-long sinus infection.

-- Neti pot and hot shower 2xday, check
-- Mucinex 2xday, flonase and decongestant, check
-- Vitamin C, echinacea and zinc, check
-- Probiotic mix, gaviscon and Pepcid AC to keep my GI from going into massive meltdown, check
-- Grape seed extract and grapefruit seed extract which may perhaps help sinitis, check
-- stock of chicken soup and underwear washed in case I have to spend most of my days in bed, check


I need to do my @#%$@!$ dissertation, not have pounding head, runny nose, and foggy thoughts.

No love.
Tags: stuff: personal chatter

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