Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Livejournal Update: did it work?

I found that browsing ellnyx's LJ was fun and easy because of her tagging system. So I'm shamelessly imitating it.*

In order to put tags in the sidebar, I had to change to a new LJ theme. I've attempted to throw one together.

  1. Does anything look broken? If so, what browser / OS are you using?
  2. Is the font in post entries too huge?
My vision varies from day to day -- ocular migraines, blepharitis, corneal ulcers -- so I prefer large type. But I'm using a laptop with limited screen space, so I shrink everything else to leave more room for content.

Alas, I like serif fonts for body text. It looks more booklike.

*I still have to go back and re-tag a lot of entries. This will happen tomorrow eve over baseball. (There IS a rhyme and reason to the order of pairings... I'm trying to put my favorites and those I write the most towards the top.)
Tags: stuff: webpage update

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