Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Busy Auron/Lulu Fandom Day

Today I was going to hash out the Council of Elrond Lucil Yevon chapter of Love Her and Despair, with my usual starting point of spamming owlmoose, muggy_mountain or trekqueen with my inchoate ideas. In these incoherent letters, I babble at length and ask for advice, and have usually solved about 3/4ths of my questions by the time I hit Send.

But first, a glance at ff_press reminded me that GEOCITIES IS SHUTTING DOWN IN OCTOBER OHFUCK and I'd only archived one of my three Geocities websites (personal website). The AuronLu Shrine and an old MUSH website still need(ed) to be archived. The ff_press announcement led me to fanlore which I think I've heard of but forgotten, a Wiki which attempts to document all fandom.

So here is what I did today:
  • Asked n00b questions of Fanlore's maintainers, including whether to avail myself of OTW's offer to host soon-to-expire Geocities fansites on their own service (but they're only going to archive fanfiction, not whole websites)
  • Asked "what should I do?" questions of the [info]aulu Community, which, much like my brainstorming questions to my friends, were largely solved in the course of my figuring out how to frame the questions and explain my thinking
  • created a new subdomain on my labyrinthine website with a totally lame top level:  http://auronlu.istad.org
  • Moved The Auron/Lulu Shrine from its home on Geocities to *drumroll*  http://auronlu.istad.org/aulu-shrine
  • Downloaded the long-abandoned AuLu site on Geocities, which hosts a lot of funny, early fanart
  • Learned how to make screencaps of entire browser windows
  • Learned how to make Wiki entries
  • Created half-assed Fanlore entries for:  Auron/Lulu as a pairing; The old AuLu site, The Auron/Lulu Shrine

Meanwhile, the Dodgers clinched a playoff berth by pounding the lowly Pirates in an incredibly half-assed manner.

In other words, it was a day to feel immensely accomplishful about things which actually are not all that important!
Tags: stuff: fandom/community, stuff: webpage update

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