Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

What TV Do You Recommend for PS2/PS3 Compatibility

Hello. Semi-luddite here. On the one hand, I had a computer by 1979. On the other hand, I didn't get a color TV for the first few years living away from home; Babylon 5 looked just FINE in B&W!

Around 1996, my Mom bestowed a very basic color TV on me.

It is still my TV. It is plugged into a converter I bought at Fry's, so as to connect it to my PS2. There are various problems ranging from buzzy speakers when the screen is mostly white, to lack of digital signal capability.

I received birthday money to buy a new TV, and have now recovered sufficiently from NEARLY GOING BLIND IN ONE EYE *hyperventilate* to consider TV shopping.

I've heard that if you get a good-quality HD TV and plug it into a PS2 (or 3), you'll see ugly artifacts and jaggies that are smoothed out by lower-resolution TVs.

So I should like to know what sort of TV people recommend for PS2/3 compatibility, or what questions I should be asking at the store.

I'd like:
-- HD
-- mmmmaybe a built in thingie that lets me play DVDs and Blue Ray?
-- mmmaybe a port so I can use it to show stuff off my laptop. [peers at MacBook. Are you SVIDEO or what, little computer?]

I don't want to spend huge gobs. I don't need a top-of-the-line whatsit.

Also, should I be considering LCD or what? I'm so behind on TV technology. I know NUFFINK.
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