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HA! I was right! ULTIMANIA on FFX

Not that it was particularly difficult to deduce this from the game, but knowing the titles is useful.

This is a fan's translation of some of the FFX Ultimania Guides, published by Square only in Japanese (weep):

The Temple Organisation

Control of the Temples is carried out by four maesters, called the "four maesters of Yevon". Among them, a grand maester represents the Temples, while the remaining three maesters oversee the three ministries of civil affairs, military affairs, and temple affairs. Additionally, high priests are posted as representatives at each temple across the world, but they have no voice in the Temples' inner circle and only have control over their respective temples. In an exception to the rule, Maester Seymour concurrently holds the post of high priest.

Current Grand Maester: Yo Mika. Head of all the priests. In charge of the Temples as a whole.
Current Minister of Civil Affairs: Kelk Ronso. Head of the civil officials. Controls the Ministry of Civil Affairs, which is in charge of the judiciary, treasury and general civil administration.
Current Minister of Military Affairs: Wen Kinoc. Head of the military officials. Controls the Ministry of Military Affairs, which is in charge of the general military command. Doubles as head of the Warrior Monk Corps and oversees the Crusaders.
Current Minister of Temple Affairs: Seymour Guado. Controls the Ministry of Temple Affairs, which maintains the Temple's rituals and teachings. Also oversees the summoners. Has the authority to handle records of the sealed histories.
~ translation by pmog@IGN forums

I decided Baralai had delegated control of the Warrior Monks to the Captain of the Guard, because he strikes me as more of a bean counter and civil administrator, and Lucil seems to be delegating control of the Djose Continent's Crusaders to Elma when Lucil is in Bevelle, but that's pretty much how I'd interpreted it.</a>
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