Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Off to the land of no net, no computer

Scarily, it will be the first time I've unplugged in two years.

Pennsic 38.
I will try not to anticipate anything, since I've been out of the SCA loop for a couple years.

Send me a few prayers. It's the first time I've gone camping in a while, and eye infection / recurring sinus infection / IBS are non-life-threatening yet challenging conditions to take on trips.

Not to mention good ol' arthritis. But I've had that all my life, so I can mostly handle it.


Next chapter of Love Her and Despair is written in draft form, but it reads like generic fantasy melodrama, and the pacing/setting/description wants sharpening. I hope it doesn't do what the last chapter did when I moved to fine-tune it; that thing mushroomed into two chapters. And I really want to get to the next cliffhanger ending!

I so love to write Dr. Who classic cliffhangers.

If you are behind in the Epic That Ate My LJ, this is a good time to catch up. :)
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