Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

The Kindness of Strangers (For Saharasnow)

Hey, folks. Do you remember saharasnow? She used to write some of the best aulu fanfic. It was a delight to watch her increasing mastery of English (she's in Japan Singapore) as she churned out moody, dreamy vignettes. She was a fair artist, icon-maker (see this entry's userpic), and enjoys gothy cosplay, photoshoots, dolls.

She's had a rough couple years with her foot shattering and failing to heal properly, job hell and general troubles. She just passed a birthday alone and sad, feeling like the world doesn't know she exists.

I haven't said anything, because I didn't know what to say.
But I wanna say, do something. Help someone who hurts.

We can't help her with RL crap. But maybe we can bring a little cheer to a gifted and beautiful person.
"It's worth trying," as Braska said.

So, I invite folks on my Flist to:
--Browse saharasnow's LJ for photos, Final Fantasy fanfic, icons, and/or dolls and leave a comment.
--Reply here with a comment, beautiful image, icons, LOLcats, link to a funny video, drabble (she likes X, X-2, VI), or whatever you feel like in replies to this post.
--More fanfic posted here on Ficwad (most of the fic on her LJ is flist locked).

After a day or so I'll unlock this post so she can see it, and point her here.
Tags: stuff: fandom/community

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