Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

al;sfflas! Pleased Writer Is Pleased


Exciting chapter is exciting, but also clocking in at 3500 words.
Damn you, Muse, for sucking me in again!
Is 3500 words too much for a chapter? Should I break it into pieces?

Angst, character study, derring do, unexpected twists, random carnage and chaos, and just about every character has a Moment. I think it's the best chapter yet, although I will probably see all sorts of flaws about 2 hours after posting.

Going off to be productive with real stuff  for a while. Editing tonight. I want it to be perfect.

I want to drive you all mad with Dr. Who style melodrama and cliffhangers, and we are rapidly coming to the part of the story where every single scene is a cliffhanger.

Where did all this Plottage come from?

May I please have my Poetic Muse back? She's so skilled with verbiage and characterization, sucks at plot. The Plot Muse knows how to juggle sixteen Plot Balls at once, but can't roll out a well-turned, apt phrase to save her life. I would like her and Poetic Muse to get married and produce offspring, instead of visiting me on alternate months.

Tags: fic: multichapter: lhad, stuff: writing process

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