Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

14 FFX Icons (Auron/Lulu)

Still pecking away at icons, in lieu of knitting, while watching my silly baseball.

11 14 new FFX (Auron/Lulu only) icons for my intermittent 100variations claim.

Teasers:  1. strength.jpg2. crest.jpg

3 4 5 6
venusmars.jpg  verdigris.jpg fresco.jpg turtleshell.jpg
7 8 9 10
vintage.jpg bw-art.jpg bw-art.jpg image by auronlu   holdingon.jpgbw-shoulder.jpg
11 12 13 14
neverknew.jpg neverknew.jpg image by auronlu desire.jpg  bw-aulu.jpg bw-aulu.jpg image by auronlu sinful.jpg

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