Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Random Final Fantasy / KH Fanart

Poking about somebody's bookmarks, I hit upon an artist whose name rings a bell, so I may be recommending someone that everyone but me knows about.


Recommended Fanart:
Browse Gallery of Nachtwulf for FFX/X2, FFVII, FFVIII, Kingdom Hearts, crossovers between all of the above, and a lot of portraits of original Final Fantasy X denizens on BlackGateMUX.

Tidus as Final Aeon, which is what I was GOING to post about (asking for people to help me find portraits of Final Aeons)

Baralai with a suggestive piece of rope.

High Templar Luzzu, who is apparently an unsent guardian to Summoner Ansem (the bluehaired bad!Ansem from Kingdom Hearts) in this universe. Fandom, gotta love it. O.o

Auron toting a sugar-crashed 7-year-old Tidus home

Frighteningly Bishie Young!Auron

Summoner Zell and Guardian Kinneas?!

There are NO women in this gallery except for the odd Rikku, and it's almost all characters I'm not interested in, but I like the fanart. Go figure.

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