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I fall in love with voices...

Just stumbled across a few performances by the singer who sung (and wrote?) the opening and closing songs for Kingdom hearts. The first is in English, the second in Japanese.

I think I just swooned a little.

Is it my imagination, or is there a tiny, tiny hint of Dar Williams in her voice? She does some interesting things with the riffs, and it reminds me of some of Dar's early playfulness with folk song style crossed with silly 80s pop.




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May. 31st, 2009 07:27 pm (UTC)
The second song, "Passion", is the vocal theme for Kingdom Hearts II, and it is easily my favorite J-pop song, from a videogame or otherwise. I agree that her voice is beautiful, and the piano is lovely and haunting. Thanks for posting this version of it!
Jun. 2nd, 2009 08:07 pm (UTC)
She even gives me a slight Jewel vibe. She hides her accent very well.
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