Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Website Update

A few tweaks. I need to sit down sometime and make a more elegant layout, breaking everything into pages, but I firmly believe content comes first.

~ Poem at the bottom of the page! Okay, it's a sloppy poem, but bits of it are nice.
~ New banner (I am just too pleased with that "Caress" picture)
~ Others' Fanfiction listing begun. I'm scouring the web for Aulu pieces. I just went through ff.net and found all the ones that list Lulu as primary. I'll go back thrrough and grab Auron-primary next time I feel like fiddling. The format of the list is short, sweet, not very elegant right now: name of story, name of author, rough rating, wordcount, summary. All of these are general to Teen.

Tags: stuff: webpage update

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