Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Dear Hyperactive Muse.

Since you have been weirdly active after about a year of near-catatonia, we are going to try an experiment.

I shall not post a chapter until a respectable chunk of note-taking for dissertation has occurred. Say, four books, since right now the books are dense and requiring me to read most of them.

Be honest.

THAT should be a big-ass carrot, at least until this spurt of inspiration dries up. And it'll help make sure I don't post too fast for my readers.

Because I flippin' have the next chapter FINISHED, at least the raw draft. Admittedly half of it was written for the previous chapter and postponed. (Did I succeed in keeping chapter 20 under 2000 words? Noooo. Phail. But either it's just going to have to be 2200, or else divided into two pieces of around 1000, which would only postpone the problem again.)

What is WRONG with me these days?
Tags: stuff: personal chatter

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