Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

More FFX Undub

Yay! Xoa has posted another issue of his/her "Final Fantasy X Undub" videos, overlaying the original Japanese soundtrack over the English-subtitled release.

The timing of this one is perfect -- the first part follows EXACTLY the route of chapter 15 of "Love Her and Despair", leaving the gates of Djose Temple and heading back down the Highroad to the crossroads. Clasko even runs past Kyou in the background. And there's a brief conversation with Elma and Lucil, whose personalities come through infinitely better in their Japanese voices.

Elma reminds me a bit of Utena: optimistic, capable, naive, and faintly crushed out on the orange-haired Captain of the fencing team Djose Knights. It's not obvious in this scene, but Elma's got a few blatant lines elsewhere like "I hope captain Lucil notices my efforts in this mission!"
Tags: - video, c2: lucil/elma, fic: multichapter: lhad

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