Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

10 FFX Icons

10 Final Fantasy X icons:

For various contests, two of them a "circus" theme (except I missed the fact that we had to use their provided screencaps, so these were disqualified, whoops!)

leap.jpg image by auronlu       trapeeze.gif image by auronlu       muchtosay.jpg image by auronlu

Resource credits: cdg , david_lucena , meleada , earlydreams  @ rockmyworld .

Plus 7 Auron/Lulu (or Auron) icons, the start of a series for 100variations:

First set: Coloring Only
1 2 3 4 5
6 7  

Dang, it is HARD to find raw screencaps that can be turned into icons without photomanipulating two separate pictures together! It's not that they don't hang out together in the game, but they're usually the rearguard, so they're lurking in the background with other folks in front of/blocking them.


Tags: - icons, c2: auron/lulu, c: auron

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