Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Dear Muse.

1. Why did you give me a Lulu/Yuna story, if you weren't going to let me finish it? It began with my favorite flavor of biting bittersweet subtext and devolved into sappy relationship goop and no sex in sight. It's been sitting on a back burner for about a month now while I work on dissertation, but I am mourning the hours I gave to it which have come to naught.

I think eclective may have given up on me by now, although I hadn't actually promised to produce such a story. I was so sure I could write a good Lulu/Yuna story if I set my mind to it.


2. Why did you leave me stuck on the next chapter of Love Her and Despair until I hit a psychological jam in doing my daily 5 hours of dissertation research, at which point you suddenly started pleading for me to embark on Epic Battle Sequence? This all-or-nothing has got to stop! How about 30 minutes of steady inspiration each night as I'm settling down to sleep? Is that toooo much to ask?
Tags: stuff: personal chatter, stuff: writing process

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