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Kingdom Hearts Crack

I'd been avoiding the Kingdom Hearts series for years because I was pained by the idea of Auron being condemned to the same universe as Disney characters and forced to interact with Donald Duck without beheading him. Not only that, but they took away his jug of alcohol. Poor guy can't get a break.

However, after apparently losing my cat Sunday (after several hours of panicked search, she turned up under a piece of furniture in Hide Mode) I needed something brainless. So I grabbed KH2.

Very mild spoilers, since I'm not that far into the game:

1) The Disney stuff is apparently not quite as appalling as I'd feared, because like so many Americans I was brainwashed by Disney as a child into feeling intense nostalgia whenever familiar Disney film snippets and images pop up. Scary. Truly scary. I didn't realize quite how many Disney films I'd seen.

2) Especially after the slickly-packaged Disney worlds and the Planet of the Old Final Fantasy Characters Retirement Home, I was utterly, totally, and completely slain by the b&w Steamboat Willie world. I was cackling like a goon at the sound effects, visuals, and cartoon physics from a bygone era. All the other worlds pale in comparison to the sheer random WTF?!!! of a good old black-and-white 1930s cartoon. In fact, the designers should have dispensed with any semblance of game-related plot whatsoever and just thrown together a bunch of random head-trippy minigames based on various ancient cartoons.

I'd forgotten how much I liked the sound of manic mice running up and down on harpsichords.

I also like Mickey Mouse better silent. He's charmingly simple, instead of gratingly annoying.

No spoilers, please, past Timeless River, even if I've picked up certain spoilers here and there from fandom.

I'm glad that Square-Enix took a little dig at Disney by sneaking in Auron's jug o' firewater as a tiny charm on one of Sora's weapons.
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