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Fanfiction Recommendation: "The Many Adventures of Walking Man"

I seem to have missed the bus on this one entirely, since I see it was posted in springkink slightly over a year ago, but... GUH. One can't follow everything.

For those who may have missed it:

Title: The Many Adventures of Walking Man
Final Fantasy X, AU
Auron/Braska, Jecht
Two-parter: second half has some NC-17 bits
Part I   Part II

As some of you know, I tend to lean towards stories where at least one of the main roles is a female character (especially erotica), but that's utterly irrelevant when you've got a well-written story. The characterizations and speech patterns in this one are spot-on, which is my main fanfiction junkie kink, and there's that complex blend of idealism, sadness, and prejudice that makes Spira epic, tragic, poignant and real. Secondary characters have meaningful secondary roles. There's even mythology, and a running gag based on Native American mythology that is spot-on for the Al Bhed.

I know I was having a discussion with someone here a while back about the fact that Auron/Braska seemed almost canon; at the least there seemed to be a certain amount of unacknowledged love (or unrequited), yet most of the Auron's-past yaoi is with Jecht. Here's a believable (and painful) Auron/Braska story that explores the flaws of all three characters beautifully.

Anyway, it's worth reading, if you missed it the first go-round.
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