Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Owlmoose or some other FFX-2 expert, help!

Ugh. X-2 drives me nuts. I have a question.

On Crimson Sphere Record 6 (link to the Crimson Squad webpage with .avis of all of 'em), Baralai says they saw not only an "apparition," which I assume is Shuyin, but also a giant machina, which sure sounds like Vegnagun.

Yet other flashbacks experienced by Yuna seem to show Shuyin breaking into Bevelle to try and steal Vegnagun. The platform where Lenne throws out her arms and the cage where he gets locked up look like places that YRP find when they're exploring the lower levels of Bevelle Palace.

So WHERE is Vegnagun?

If Baralai saw Vegnagun in the Den of Woe, was that true, or was he -- like Yuna with the Lenne flashbacks -- simply seeing through Shuyin's eyes something that happened elsewhere?

Or did Kinoc somehow manage to move Vegnagun from the Den of Woe to Bevelle without anyone noticing?

I'm hoping Vegnagun is under Bevelle, because that makes things easier for me, but this Crimson Record is tripping me up.

Tags: c: crimson squad, f: ffx2, stuff: game discussion

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