Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

A few fic recommendations while waiting...

I've started the annoying habit of attempting to lure good FFX and AuronLu writers to the ficwad archive, because it's less restrictive than FF.net and speedier than AFF. I can't help thinking a nice critical mass of good writers and readers and reviewers would be fun.

I invited the writers of the following 3 stories to crosspost on ficwad, but they haven't yet.

Call Her Infinity, Call Her Eternity, a very stream-of-thought and vivid expression of Lulu as a Final Aeon. (Every time I contemplate the possibility, I think of Galadriel's "All Shall Love Me And Despair" speech)

A Lesson In Black Magic, which isn't an Aulu at all, it's just a cute scene between Rikku and Lulu with a little Wakka-torture thrown in (sorry, Wakka, why do we keep beating up on you, you poor fellow?)

Black and Red, which is only the first chapter of an Aulu story, but if the writer keeps going, this looks like it could be a very engrossing and insightful saga.

All have been added to the Fanfiction listing on the AuronLu Shrine, although two of them are Lulu-only.

Last but not least, the drabbles I have so far. (The themes are dictated by the pyre_flies challenge rules.)


I have a really good 1000 words of the next chapter of Resurrection written, then I've got another of these annoying bifurcated trees with about 5 different scenes in various stages of creation, and I can only use one of them. Meh.

BUT the good news is, I wrote the rough draft of one of the three papers I should be writing.

Tags: - fanfic, - recommendation, c2: auron/lulu, c: lulu, fic: drabble, stuff: webpage update

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