Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

FFX: Unexplained, Explained

A while back I posted a few "nitpicky issues are nitpicky" questions about FFX on a forum. One of my questions was how young Lulu managed to get out of the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth alive after her summoner died, with only Fire, Thunder, Blizzard and Water spells, hardly sufficient in a place with Black Elements and other nasties.

A poster replied that it was due to the scourge of sequels, starting out at level 1 no matter how powerful you were before.

Which set me off:

*Lulu drags herself back to Besaid after her first pilgrimage and marches into the forest to kill a few flans.*

Chappu: Uh, Lu? It's dangerous out there! Don't you want an escort?

Lulu: Not. NOW. *glare* I need some time to think.

Chappu: Uh, okay...

[A few hours later]

*Sir Luzzu finds her out in the jungle utterly frustrated, plinking away at flans*


Luzzu: Something wrong?

Lulu: *nearly takes his head off* WHY can't I torch them with a thunderbolt? Where'd my Thundara go?!

Luzzu, sympathetic: Ah, sometimes it happens like that. After you finish each operation, you're back at level 1 again.

Lulu: *Ka-BAAMM.* I'm going to kill the game designers.


Tags: - humor, stuff: game discussion

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