Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Some random silly Final Fantasy VII Fanvids.

Most of you have probably run into this already, but I wanted to recommend the fanvid creations of Scorpicus, who has served FFVII fans everywhere by providing them with all the hidden date scenes (which were apparently dropped due to typos).

E.G. Sephiroth/Cloud Gold Saucer date:

Also the Turks and the Good Guys each got private screenings of Advent Children. Here's the Good Guys' first view of their future selves:

Aeris and Hojo also attempt to give dating tips to their fellow characters, with limited success.

Finally, Scorpicus was kind enough to share with us some footage from several random battles I seem to have missed. E.G.:

I find the weirdest things with 3AM insomnia.
Tags: - humor, - video, f: ffvii

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