Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

In Which The Author Plays A Tiny, Tiny Violin That Sounds Like a Kazoo (Yazoo?)

I am experiencing that inevitable part of most fandom, the melancholy of looking around and realizing that folks have wandered off while YOU had wandered off, and now that you're back and inspired, they aren't.

I wonder how nidrig is doing, with the baby and all. (I also wonder where I've stashed my copy of her "Still Life" Auron portrait, auuuugh.)

I especially wonder about mneme_forgets, who used to give the most incredibly astute/frank feedback and critique. No wonder she burned out.

Other folks too.

Most of the rest of those who used to spam the pages of ff_press are intermittent now, as I am. Bless the new blood!

There's certain people I want to poke and say, "Read this! Read read read! What do you think? I wrote it partly based on your past feedback!" but I can't, because I realize I never got around to reading/reviewing some of their best. Or else they've got real life now. Or both.

Also, self-plugging such as I'm doing now is... hm... the fandom equivalent of telemarketing. Annoying, and even when the product's good, the nag-call irks the customer.

Right now, I can't seem to stop checking for readers/comments. So consider this a shameless plug, with the understanding that I've been utterly LOUSY about keeping up and commenting, so... I have no excuse for asking others to do so. :)

Shameless plugs aside, I am very grateful that I caught the cusp of FFX fandom, even though I came to it about 4 years after everyone else. Sorry I slipped away before it had quite begun to fade to newer ones.

At some point I really need to play XII, eh? :)
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