Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Meta: Love Her and Despair (mostly for Owlmoose)

By the way. On chapter 2, I got this comment from owlmoose:

...I especially like how you write Isaaru, and I really like him as Grand Maester. I hope you delve a little more into how he got here (like why Mika abdicated his seat even though the cycle continued).

WHOOPS. Don't you love it when a reader asks you an oh-so-obvious question you hadn't thought of when composing a plot?

I'd missed the fact that my story diverges from canon BEFORE Mika's departure, so also BEFORE Isaaru was asked to take charge in Bevelle. I had to put on my thinking cap and significantly expand the backstory.

That's helped me flesh out not only Isaaru and his brothers, but Shelinda and Baralai (who will be appearing later) as well. So far there's only been a few cryptic hints of said backstory, but... thank you!
Tags: fic: multichapter: lhad, stuff: writing process

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