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Well, that's done it.

So, originally, I was just going to have Yojimbo demand to watch. I flew this idea past mneme_forgets, and she suggested something that had crossed my mind, but which I had initially discarded.

New Chapter: Death

Quoth mneme_forgets to me in an email a few weeks ago which I hope she doesn't mind my quoting:

"I like your reasoning for Yojimbo wanting a vicarious human experience. It seems very plausible. I don't think it's disturbing enough though - or enough of a big deal. I'd say maybe Yojimbo wants to take over oneof the participants' consciousness too maybe. That would be just dirty and creepy enough to be a payment for rescuing Lulu long ago I think."

I had considered the possibility, but I had wanted the Resurrection series to end with Lulu healed, happy, and strong, and I wasn't sure I could get her there. So I had been resisting it. That email convinced me to risk it and take the story arc in a much darker direction than I had originally intended. This is both good, in that it makes it far more interesting than the fluffy lemons I had mapped out, and more difficult, because there is not much time between "now" and the battle with Sin to wrestle with the aftermath. In particular, I had two rather sweet lemons scheduled for near the end of the trip, and I don't think Lulu will be in any shape for fluffy/sweet for a while.

I may cheat a bit and have Yuna & co take some time between Zanarkand and the last battle, since one could have that segment last a matter of a few days or a few weeks. That gives me a little more flexibility.

So anyway, I just posted the next chapter, and now there will be a pause. I've written about 5 versions handling the aftermath, everything from Auron being a cold bastard to a terribly fluffy hurt/comfort sequence that I know is almost as heinous as a Mary Sue. In short, none have hit the right note yet. And I have other work I need to be doing.

Yah, this is all overthinking, but that's why I identify with Lulu: she thinks too much. I keep reading stuff by some folks on my flist and realizing that I am a novice among some extremely talented writers!

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