Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Final Fantasy X: Complete Transcript 3.0

DONE. Done, done, done.

In version 2.0, I added all the "alternate" scenes (e.g. Luzzu surviving instead of Gatta and what he says for the rest of the game), and double-checked my transcript against Shotgunnova's complete script to help me identify mistakes.

In version 3.0 I fixed remaining glitches and added dialog for sidequests including the Celestial Weapons, Monster Arena quotes, and Scans of all characters.

I may someday add the "goodbye, nice knowing you" quotes you get when releasing blitzball players from the Aurochs, but for now, I call this project FINISHED!

final fantasy X complete script Final Fantasy X: The Complete Script Browse by chapter...
To Spira | Besaid | Kikia | Luca | Operation Mi'ihen/Djose Temple | Moonflow | Guadosalam, Thunder Plains | Macalania | Bikanel | Bevell | Calm Lands | Mt. Gagazet | Zanarkand | Maester Mika, re-visiting Fayth, Baaj, Remiem, and Omega Dungeon | Final Showdown with Sin | Sidequests (Monster Arena, Celestial Weapons, "scans" of PCs) | Combat Quotes | Jecht Spheres Quick Reference


Master Script (Everything on one page... excludes ffx battle quotes)
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